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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does PTI offer workshops to the public?

1) Yes. PTI gives workshops on many different primitive skills. Programs for school children, college students, and adults are available.

2) Can I buy artwork like those pieces shown in the Art gallery?

2) Yes. The pieces illustrated in the gallery are samples of our work. You can visit us at a show to choose directly from among our lastest creations, or contact us for a special request.

3) Can PTI replicate an artifact from our collection?
3) Yes. PTI can produce replications of ceramic and lithic artifacts based on your photographs, samples or descriptions. We also produce a wide variety of other traditional tools, games, instruments and containers made out of natural materials.

4) Can I arrange to have an indigenous structure built on my site?

4) Yes. We build interior, exterior, temporary and permanent stuctures.
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